The company has created a network of top-skilled experts which enables providing a response to the most specific and the most demanding calls from public sector clients in the Czech Republic as well as from international aid institutions or international consulting teams.

Evaluation Advisory CE (EACE) is a lean and horizontally organized structure where the EACE Council is the supreme body. The Council consists of partners and the acting managing director of EACE

Petr Volek

Petr is a PhD. graduate of Economic Policy and Administration at Mendel University in Brno.  After internships at the Civil Service College in UK, he worked as an expert and trainer at the central administrative authorities for regional policy and public administration. He specializes in financing human capital development, education and public administration strategies. He had an expert role in many evaluation projects concerning the analysis of progress or implementation of individual operational programs.

Miloš Blaškovan

Miloš has over 20 years of experience in banking and consulting for industrial enterprises, public administration and scientific institutions. He has worked in the area of credit risk management and corporate finance. He has experience in carrying out evaluations of EU SF operational programs in the Czech Republic at various stages of the program cycle, where he has worked as an expert in business development, the environment and regional development.

Ondřej Štefek MA

Ondřej has more than 16 years of consultancy for public administration and self-government in the area of assessing the impact of communication strategies and the publicity of EU funds. His knowledge combines the experience of a publicity officer of the coordinating body of the EU pre-accession programs with practical knowledge of public relations as an advisor to multinational companies. Moreover, his knowledge of EU regional policy helps him to significantly contribute to the success of both programming and Evaluation projects within the programming periods 2004-2006, 2007-2013 and 2014-2020.

Radim Gill

Radim is a long-time consultant and manager working in the international environment and in the development segment throughout the world. He graduated from the Brno University of Technology - Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture and from the University of Economics in Prague - Faculty of International Relations. He earned a degree abroad in management skills development studies at the Maastricht School of Management (NL) and business administration at TIAS Nimbas in Tilburg (NL). He specializes in the economic aspects of territorial and regional development. Since 2010, he has been working as a principal consultant almost exclusively abroad for international development aid organizations and he has work experience in Holland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Ethiopia, Georgia and Lebanon.

Iva Peterková

Iva completed a degree in Sociology and Social Policy; Public and Social Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. Subsequently, she gained working experience in a research agency in the field of marketing and sociological research, as well as in public administration in the implementation of ESF projects. Until 2017, she participated in the implementation of humanitarian aid and development cooperation projects in the Middle East. She is currently focusing on gender-based violence in her activities in the non-profit sector. She started working at EACE at the beginning of 2018, specializing in the evaluation of projects aimed at the development and promotion of social services.

Lenka Kindlová

Lenka has long-term experience in public administration, where she has been working as a project manager since 2004. She has experience in implementing projects from JROP, ROP, IROP, OPE, OPZ, OPVVV and Interreg IIIA. She also took part in the implementation of COBRAMAN AND FORGET HERITAGE international projects as part of the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE program. In addition, she was involved in the development of the Ústí nad Labem City Development Strategy 2015 - 2020. In September 2018, she joined EACE.

Čestmír Hrdinka

Čestmír acts as a consultant, project manager and evaluator. He is a graduate of the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague and spent part of his postgraduate studies at the University of Vienna (Universität für Bodenkultur). He has experience in the preparation, management and evaluation of projects and programs in the field of environment, agriculture and development aid, where he focused primarily on projects aimed at supporting people with disabilities. He also uses his experience with leading international organizations in organizational development. During the Czech Presidency of the EU, he worked on leading positions in the state administration at the Ministry of the Environment.

Jan Podestát

Consultant, evaluator and analyst with a focus on regional development, tourism and education. He has experience in the execution of both process and impact evaluations. As an analyst, he was involved in putting together a number of development strategies and analyzes. At present, he is mainly engaged in the continuous evaluations of individual system projects financed from the ESF. Previously, he worked as an analyst in a marketing research consulting company.

Marek Petráš

Marek started his career in the course of his study of social geography of regional development at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in 2016, and he continues to be faithful to this field even after successfully obtaining his master's degree in 2017. He specializes in social services in EACE; in particular, this deals with the issue of the appropriate setting of cooperation between individual actors in the management of social services at the regional level or evaluation of effectiveness. This also involves program evaluations, such as the Ex-post evaluation of the 2007-2013 programming period in the field of research and development or in the field of energy savings.

Ondřej Miffek

Ondřej has been a consultant and project manager for many years, focusing on all aspects of the implementation of common European policies. He graduated from the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, where he earned an engineering and doctoral degree in business and industry economics with a focus on agrarian business and European politics. During his practice, he has gained a wealth of experience in most Central and Eastern European countries, but also in Afghanistan. Over the past 12 years, he has had the opportunity to participate in the preparation and implementation of large public and private investment projects, international development projects, international trade and, last but not least, management and the evaluation of economic aid instruments and policies. He is also an expert in the area of ​​public budgeting and management, agrarian policy and public procurement in both national and international contexts.

Lukáš Maláč

Lukáš is a consultant in the field of evaluations, strategic development and development initiatives with a decade of industry experience. He graduated from the Faculty of Social Studies in Brno, majoring in international relations and European studies. Between 2009 and 2010, he completed an internship program at the European Commission (DG Employment) focused on the analysis and evaluation of the impact of initiatives supported by the European Social Fund. Since 2010, he has worked in the private sector as a consultant and project manager for public institutions. He has led or participated in dozens of projects in the field of public intervention evaluation, strategic planning, regional and local economic development and related topics. In an international context, he managed or participated in the implementation and / or evaluation of a number of development and humanitarian projects for donors from the Czech Republic and abroad, mainly in Moldova (2011 - 2018), Georgia (2015-2016, 2018), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2016) , 2018), Ethiopia (2016) or Lebanon (2017).

Klára Štanderová

Klara not only has extensive experience with evaluation projects, but also has experience with project team management. She participated in the implementation of the ex-ante evaluations of all OPs financed from the ESF in the Czech Republic. She is involved in the evaluations of projects financed from ESI Funds and has worked as a consultant in many projects concerning the analysis of progress or the implementation of individual operational programs in the period 2004–2006, 2007–2013 and 2014–2020. She participates in the creation of analyzes and strategic documents.

Lukáš Bumbálek

A project manager, analyst and consultant with 13 years of experience in consulting, banking and public administration. He has done work connected with state administration institutions dedicated to communication and awareness-raising projects in the field of European policies and programs at UniCredit Bank Czech Republic as a consultant for the European Competence Center, responsible for consulting for large corporations, international clients and SMEs. Since 2010, he has focused on evaluating public policies, projects and strategies as a project manager, consultant and evaluator. Since September 2017, he has also been a project management coordinator at the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Prague.

Martina Hartlová

Since 2002, she has been involved in the field of Structural Funds and is an expert in the field of regional development, dealing mainly with human resources, the labor market, employment and education. She has experience with projects implemented within the framework of regional partnerships in the Czech and international environment. She is an expert on technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation. She has extensive experience with the management of project teams of evaluation projects - for example, she has led an ex-ante evaluation of the Partnership Agreement for the 2014-2020 programming period.

Martina Jílková

She is active in the evaluation of public spending programs, where she specializes in social inclusion and the labor market. She participates in evaluations of operational programs and projects financed from ESIF, she is also involved in the creation and evaluation of strategic documents. She has extensive experience with case studies as well as with the implementation and processing of field surveys.